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Regular summer dog grooming schedule | Casselberry Dog Groomer

Regular summer dog grooming schedule | Casselberry Dog Groomer

The warm summer season is time for more water fun, rambles and picnics. It is the season that inspires soaking your dog outside for some sun, swimming and exercise. Regular grooming during summer helps to not only keep your dog looking good, but also improve blood circulation; reduce blood pressure and stress; and remove the dead skin as well as enhancing the quality of the skin. It is important to schedule regular professional grooming services for your dog so as to enjoy grooming and get used to it. Summer grooming for your dog makes it comfortable as it reduces the heat intensity.

Professional dog groomers, such as the experts at your local Casselberry dog groomer, ensure that the thick winter undercoat is removed diligently without shaving your dog. The dense undercoat is inconveniencing in summer as it gets kinked with knots. While you may be tempted to shave the thick winter hair in summer, doing it can make your dog very uncomfortable and lead to skin problems. Regular grooming ensures that your dog is not exposed to the extreme sun and stays comfortable outdoors. Furthermore, the dog is exposed to the risk of objects sticking on the coat while playing. This can lead to excess shedding while removing the stickers. As such, ensure that your dog gets the regular grooming services to prevent such issues.

It is the wish of every dog owner to have a dog with sleek coat free from parasites. Summer is the time of the year when you should be vigilant with fleas and ticks. If you don’t manage the grooming concerns of your dogs, fleas are capable of infesting your house while the ticks will transmit diseases to your dog. Within a regular grooming schedule, your dog will have a professional bath several times, thereby improving the quality of the coat. Furthermore, they will apply tick and flea repellents in the bathtub when the dog is taking the bath to ensure that such parasites are kept at bay. When you take your dog to a professional Casselberry dog groomer, your dog will also enjoy regular baths that sooth the skin to prevent irritated and itchy skin.

Since summer is the time when your dog will spend more time outdoors romping, regular grooming ensures that the nails are properly trimmed to prevent them from breaking and causing pain or even injury to the dog. Professional dog groomers are effective in trimming the nails without cutting them as it may be painful to the dog. After your dog has been bathed, the nails are trimmed as they are softer at that time and, therefore, easy to trim. At a Casselberry dog groomer, high-quality trimmers are used to trim your dog’s nails while offering the dog exciting rewards so that they enjoy the process.

If you plan to spend most of your summer time swimming, then regular grooming will come in handy in preventing ear infections. During winter, your dog’s ears may fold in responsiveness to cold. However, when swimming in summer, they get wet and retain wetness for long thereby making them susceptible to ear infections. There are many dogs that are taken to the vet in summers due to infections as dog owners try to pluck the hair from the ear canal. Professional dog groomers will wipe the overlap of your dog’s ears gently with a drying agent that will prevent prolonged humidity.

Casselberry dog groomers are the best in grooming your dog during the summer and ensuring that your dog looks fabulous with a sleek coat. Your dog will smell good, feel good, get healthier, and you won’t have any dog fur-bunnies, hair, ticks or fleas lurking under your couch. Due to the concerns about heat during summer, your dog will receive exercise during the appropriate time to avoid heating up the dog when the heat is at its peak. What’s more, you will receive quality advice to help you take care of your dog. As such, your dog will enjoy a well-groomed summer experience.

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