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The Benefits of Organic vs. Non-organic Pet Food & Pet Products

The Benefits of Organic vs. Non-organic Pet Food & Pet Products

There is a big difference between organic and non-organic pet food. Unfortunately, most people cannot tell the difference when between the two when purchasing pet food. However, it is possible to tell the difference just by looking at the ingredients list on the labels.

It is highly advisable that pets are fed only on organic foods because of the potential high health risks posed by non-organic food. Understanding the difference between these two categories starts with understanding the key components of the non-organic pet feed. By feeding your pet with non-organic pet food, you are basically pumping harmful ingredients into their bodies.

Artificial Colors

This is a visual trick that pet food manufacturers use to attract you to the product. Organic pet food looks plain and bland in appearance while non-organic food is enhanced with food colors. These are believed to increase sensitivity to viruses and in some cases, cancer in pets.

Antibiotics, Herbicides, and Pesticides

These ingredients are highly used in non-organic pet food. They have been discovered to cause chronic illness. The pet’s body uses a lot of energy trying to get rid of these toxins hence draining the animal the energy to play or perform even the basic activities. If the pet is unable to get rid of these toxins, they build up gradually and may counter interact with each other in a harmful way.

Animal By-Products

The animal by-products found in non-organic dog food includes; bone, gristle, feathers, leather, hair and even fecal waste. These offer no nutritional value to the dog and they can consequently lead to dog tumors. Casselberry pet Care experts also advise that dog’s bodies cannot process 25% of the protein found in bone meal (gristle, bone meal, and tendons).

Filler Foods

Carbohydrates are great for pets only if they are of high quality. However, the wrong choice of carbohydrates common in Non-organic pet food, for instance, corn syrup and sugar are a high-risk factor for obesity. They offer zero nutritional value.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

These not only pose harm to the environment but animals as well.

Vitamin and Nutrient Restriction

Organic plants are given enough time to grow and absorb as many nutrients from the soil as possible. On the other hand, non-organic plants are given pumped with stimulators. This speeds up the growth of the plant hence denying them the gradual chance to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Chemical Preservatives

These are proved to be harmful to pets as they cause; Allergic reactions, chronic diarrhea, excessive thirst, liver damage, metabolic stress, teeth and gum problems and fetal abnormalities.

Casselberry Pet Care experts advise pet owners that completely ruling out non-organic food from their pet’s diets offers them a better chance at enjoying a healthy life. Upon reading the list of ingredients on the label of pet food, you will be able to determine whether the contents are really organic or not. Normally, the labeling starts with the main ingredient. Besides that, here are some other benefits associated with organic pet food.

Contain No Animal By Product

Some manufacturers know that pet food buyers do not actually read ingredient labels while purchasing pet food. This is why they focus more on appearance and details that attract the buyer to their products. However, if you take the time to read the labels and understand the kind of ingredients included in the food, you’d be able to detect organic products and the non-organic ones.

Organic pet food does not contain any animal by-product and it states so in the packaging. It is also advisable to take the time to research on the ingredients listed on the label. This means this healthy type of food is highly beneficial to the pet and they get a chance to enjoy a healthy, disease free life.

Healthy Pets

Food plays an important role in a pet’s well being. Although there are many diverse aspects that determine the overall health of a pet, organic food can improve your pet’s overall health. Healthy pet meals aid in the proper growth of puppies and kittens. Casselberry pet care experts advise that the right kinds of pet food (organic pet food) could also see to it that the animal has a thick and smooth coat of fur. One can tell that the pet is healthy just by the appearance and texture of fur. Organic pet feed is also effective in boosting the pet’s energy levels hence an active life. Unlike non-organic food, organic pet food enables your pet to maintain a healthy weight which rules out obesity.

Fewer Allergies

Just like humans, pets also suffer from food allergies. These may become inflamed especially if the pet is being fed on non-organic pet food that contains a lot of artificial coloring, artificial flavors, and other additives. Switching the pet’s food to organic one will help reduce/eliminate the allergic symptoms once and for all.

Less Food Needed

Although it may seem expensive, organic food may prove to be cost-effective in the long run. They cost more per ounce but they also contain higher nutritional levels. In this case, your pet will require fewer servings of food. They feel fuller for longer, the healthy way.

Higher Life Expectancy

Casselberry Pet Care experts advise pet owners that feeding them with organic pet meal will maximize the pet’s life expectancy and overall quality of life. All natural ingredients in pet food promote healthy growth of pets. The puppies and kittens of parents fed on organic food are born healthy and strong which they continue to enjoy for the rest of their lives. This eliminates chances of diseases, structural disorders and even premature death.

Fewer Digestive Disorders

At Casselberry pet care, pet owners are advised to feed their pets on strict organic meals. These contain superior sources of grains and proteins which aid in the digestion of food. This category of pet food also contains no chemicals or artificial substances hence making dog food more digestible.

Organic toys for your pets keep them safe from toxins. They should be made with organic fabric, saliva resistant, undergo pure water organic dye process and be environmentally friendly. They should all have reduced toxicity and allergy levels.

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